Hey there, I'm Haley.

Welcome to My World!

My friends call me Hales. I am an Actress, a Model, an RYT-200 yoga instructor, a Registered Behavioral Therapist, and a generally silly human. I have a passion for the arts, adventure, movement, nature, and presence.

Life, for me, is all about embracing adventure and living it to the fullest. What's the point of it all, if not? I have a deep passion for working with kids, whom I believe are our greatest teachers. My passion further moves into nurturing creativity, embracing each individual's uniqueness, letting it all go, and injecting a spark of entertainment into the world!

I believe in helping people recognize the incredible potential of their bodies and the power of their minds. Studying people and embracing our differences while acknowledging our commonalities is something that truly fascinates me.

My ultimate goal is to contribute to a more peaceful, entertaining, present and vibrant world where art, color, and mindfulness prevail.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology from Tulane University.

Let's join hands and make this journey an enjoyable one!